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  • The reason why universal background checks are no panacea- One strategy that everyone agrees will help reduce gun violence and other related crimes are the expansion of FBI-NICS background checks above and beyond what is currently done. This will ensure checks are done beyond the initial sale to reduce the likelihood of guns ending up with the "bad guys."

  • Are Background Checks Necessary?- On April the 16th back in 2007 Colin Goddard was injured in the Virginia Tech shooting. During the shooting although Goddard survived 32 of his peers as well as his professor lost their lives. As a result of the shooting Colin has worked tirelessly to promote gun safety and has gone so far as to attend the University of Maryland in pursuit of his MBA.

  • Fingerprinting Car Share Drivers - With traditional taxi’s the drivers have to undergo a barrage of tests to ensure they are safe to transport the public to and from their chosen destinations, however this is not the case for car share drivers such as Uber. Customers are put at ease by the company’s claims stating that all drivers have background checks before they can become a car share driver with them, however these checks do not include fingerprinting. This could mean that passengers are being transported by a driver that is yet to be caught for crimes that could make them a danger to the general public.

  • Background Checks Catch Illegal Ride Share Drivers - As a result of expanded state background checks for companies using ride share including Lyft and Uber there has been an increase of illegal drivers caught. The new checks came into effect January and when the figures were released it showed that over 10% of the drivers were actually not fit to drive. The majority caught in the new checks were from ride-share companies where they had previously passed but were far from fit to drive a vehicle.

  • Investment Into Background Checks - It has been just a week since an investment over $75 million was requested to be invested into criminal background checks by a coalition of lawmakers. The formal request was put into place as part of the 2018 bill for appropriations. The written request was signed by almost 200 lawmakers to upgrade and improve their current records as well as a means to create ‘relief from disabilities’ which will mean that people who currently are no longer allowed to own or use a gun due to being mentally defective but are no longer a danger are able to get their right back.

  • Background Checks For Child Care Workers - Children are believed to be our most precious commodity and this is why a new bill has been proposed in Maine that is guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows. A new bill has been brought forward by Representative Heather Sirocki of Scarborough, this bill would eliminate any mandatory background checks for child care providers and their staff.

  • Strengthening Criminal Background Checks - One of the bipartisan groups with 167 House representatives has called for funds to increase the strength of criminal background checks. Elizabeth Esty, a Connecticut Congress woman has confirmed how they rely on this.

  • Check Job Candidates - The Education Ministry permanent secretary Chaipruek Serirak advised that businesses are advised to actively verify their employee’s educational qualifications with their educational institution to safe guard them against employing people who have used fake qualifications. He confirmed that most state agencies had incorporated strict background checking systems for potential employees and anyone with found with forged documentation would be charged with fraud.

  • Background Checks Disqualify Drivers - The new background checks in Massachusetts have banned over 8000 Uber and Lyft drivers off the street, this is all because of the new stringent state law on background checks. Both Uber and Lyft agreed in November to allow the state to run its own background checks and the companies would receive in exchange they could service passengers to and from Logan Airport in Boston.

  • Failure To Disclose Background Checks - Consent to a background check has become an integral part of any employment application process nowadays regardless of whether it is in a large company or a small company. These background checks protect employers and they are also useful in verifying the honesty of potential employees about their educational achievements and past employment. It also helps verify any employees that are risky with regards to theft or workplace violence.

  • State Background Check Failure Reporting Law Raises Questions - It is reported that any felons or people who have lost their firearm ownership right will be reported to the police, should they make any attempt to buy a gun in Washington DC.

  • Are Backgrounds Checks Necessary or an Infringement of Rights - A recent crime that can only be described as disturbing, that occurred at a Bonita Springs massage parlour has put a spotlight on safety whilst seeking relaxation.

  • Can Landlords Really Check Your Credit - Credit does not just play a vital role in determining if you are legible for a loan, your credit spreads over into various other aspects of your life like being able get a lease on a new home. When you start looking for homes to lease, you should be aware of the fact that landlords will do a background check on all new possible tenants.

  • Rejected From FDNY for Being Fired Too Many Times - Recently a man with supposed anger issues, who wanted to be a firefighter claims that the FDNY acted wrongfully when they disqualified him from possibly being a firefighter, all due to his history of being fired from "too" many times.

  • Consent to a background check has become an integral part of any employment application process nowadays regardless of whether it is in a large company or a small company. These background checks protect employers and they are also useful in verifying the honesty of potential employees about their educational achievements and past employment. It also helps verify any employees that are risky with regards to theft or workplace violenceBeing a landlord can be extremely rewarding and give you an extra income on properties that would otherwise be left unoccupied. One of the main concerns of landlords when they first start renting... Home Interviews Introduced to the South of Englan for Prospective Tenants Read More

  • Lettings give those that don't want to or cannot afford to buy get a property that meets their needs, however most rentals are now subject to a landlord credit check before any contracts can be signed. When you first find a place you wish to rent its most likely you will first have to undergo a credit check as part of the application. What to Expect From a Landlord Credit Check Read More

  • For the 15th year in a row, Vault has ranked Mercer as the number one Human Resources Consulting firm. Mercer has once again come up tops in Vault's annual survey that is conducted among consultants operating in North America. Human Resources Consulting Firm Read More

  • Many jobs now require background checks. That is especially important when your job involves the well-being of someone else's child. In Idaho, this background check begins with a finger print.Background checks for daycare centers begin with a finger-print ... Read More

  • Currently ride-hail companies like Uber and Lyft do a background check on their drivers using a seven year limit. A new law has been passed where these companies will soon know much more about their drivers' past deeds since they will be able to conduct background checks that cover the entire life of a potential driver. This also allows for serious fines to be imposed, should employers allow drivers convicted of certain crimes to use their platforms. Tougher Background checks on ride-hail driversRead More

  • Apparently Crothall was using criminal history assessments to make hiring decisions. That in itself is not an issue, but it was being done without making and keeping required records that would disclose the impact the assessments have on persons identifiable by race, sex, or ethnic group. EEOC settles lawsuit over record keeping of criminal background checks Read More

  • A school in Lodi conducted elections to choose the members of the school. The candidate who won the elections by procuring the most number of votes has now been disqualified from service. This happened when a background check was conducted in view of his tenure as a board member of the school. Read More The Department of Education of the state sent a letter to the school board after a conviction came up during the criminal background check conducted on the candidate, Vincent J Russo.

  • On Wednesday, the Little League International made an announcement that they would require mandatory criminal background checks for its volunteer coaches. The league has also set new standards for eligibility among the players as well as a host of new rules designed to boost the pace of the sport.

  • A proposal to endorse broader background checks to all Indiana teachers is strongly supported by the organizations of teachers as well as the incoming superintendent of the school. For more informaton about Incoming Superintendent Endorse Background Checks Bill? Click to Read More.

  • To discipline or not to discipline, that's the question. While a sizeable number of managers feel that disciplining employees is part of a working environment, others abhor it. For more informaton about Four Things To Consider Before Disciplining Your Employee? Click to Read More.
  • National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) data revealed by the FBI this week, shows the numbers tell a fascinating story. For more informaton about April Background Checks: Strong Numbers Continue? Click to Read More.
  • For many years now, the local and state government in Chicago. Austin, Connecticut, New York, San Antonio, and Rhodes Island .... For more informaton about Fingerprint checks remain the gold standard for ride-share companies? Click to Read More.
  • An arrest was made by the police in Miami-Dade during an investigation into a condo fraud in TALLAHASSEE .... For more informaton about millions of Criminal Records will disappear from the Public View? Click to Read More.
  • The greatest challenge facing the legitimacy of ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber has been settled .... For more informaton about mandating on Uber’s conduction of background checks? Click to Read More.
  • The Fair Chance Act in New York and the Fair Credit Reporting Act are both hyper-tech and easily breached .... For more informaton about Staff background checks: New arena of compliance? Click to Read More.

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  • Robinson Cano's positive test result is not surprising to his former teammate Mark Teixeira
  • it is important to get absolute clarity and understanding when it comes to the application and use of the laws.... For more informaton about Selecting The Best Background Screening Provider? Click to Read More.