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April Background Checks: Strong Numbers Continue

National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) data revealed by the FBI this week, shows the numbers tell a fascinating story.

Only over two million NICS checks were recorded last month (2,045,564 to be precise).

Whereas professional headline writers may want to convince you into believing we’re in ”funk" with regards to the sales of firearms ever since President Obama left the White House, that preselected opinion fails to regard April 2017 as the second most engaged month for NICS and the 21st most engaged month in the history. The background checks that were conducted last month was only 100,000 less than the month of April 2016.

This is satisfactory considering the fact that the chief firearms salesman in history just finished his tenure and we are grateful we’ve been eased from the continuing threat to Second Amendment rights made by President Obama and his intending successor Hillary Clinton.

A firearm was procured last month by many Americans without the fear of losing an avenue to exercise their constitutionally protected rights if they didn’t own a firearm. Since President Trump resumed office, a minimum of two million NICS checks has been carried out monthly without being threatened by an anti-gun administration or Congress.

This implies that Americans’ reactions to putting into effect the right to firearms are not out of fear. According to NICS records, about 8.7million NICS checks have been conducted this year. Which is the second highest so far for January through April (2016 was first). The intentions of those attempting to take over the gun industry had been cut short and it is best for them to revisit their intention.

The fixed records throughout Obama's tenure might not be reset monthly during Trump's tenure. This doesn’t depict a retrogression in the sales of firearms, emphasis on self-defense or the shooting sports the NICS data reveal the opposite with regards to the pro-gun allies in the White House and Congress.


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