Millions of Criminal Records will disappear from the Public View

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If The Governor Signs This Bill, millions of Criminal Records will disappear from the Public View


An arrest was made by the police in Miami-Dade during an investigation into a condo fraud in TALLAHASSEE

A bill heading to Gov. Rick Scott's desk will cover up the records of arrest of hundred thousand individuals, above 2.7million criminal records will be closed.

A special interest group is open record is making a request and sounding a note of warning concerning the repercussion of the vetoed bill passed by Scott which will conceal the records of criminals.

If the bill is approved, the court case of someone that is discovered to be innocent or is acquitted in a court proceeding or whose charges have been dismissed will be officially closed. Charging documents can be gotten from the court where a lawsuit has been filed, but the charges won’t be revealed in a background evaluation done by the Department of Law Enforcement in Florida.

According to a Sarasota Republican, Sen. Greg Steube who advocated for the bill, this bill will put a stop to the humiliation experienced by individuals who were never found guilty by the court.

It is always difficult for individuals who went to trial or to get a job. This is because everything still shows in their record. According to Steve, all these people wish to make an impact on society, but currently deprived of the chances to do so.

The bill was collectively passed by the Senate and House with slight commotion. At the final stage, it was modified greatly to widen the scope to be in line with the First Amendment Foundation, a body that solicits for openness in government.

The first version of the bill permits people that are acquitted or not found guilty to demand the cancellation of the charges by a court as well as taking it off their record. At the moment, a person can appeal for removal of charges, if the charges leveled against the person were dropped or dismissed.

Although, the Department of Law Enforcement in Florida that handles applications for expunction, warns against the extension of qualification for this expunction could result in thousands of more applications. FDLE complained that they lack enough staff to deal with the workload.

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