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Background Screening Companies

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United Screening Services Corporation
a division of Sarma

Whether the information you need is for resident screening, employee screening or any other business need, United Screening Services Corporation has access to the data that you require. With our extensive network of resources, we can provide our clients with the best data available at competitive prices. United Screening Services Corporation is the partner you need to help you obtain the background information necessary to excel in today's competitive business environment.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality information at competitive prices with unsurpassed turnaround time.

Background Check Companies

Employment Screening


American businesses spend billions of dollars yearly researching just about every corporate decision made. From marketing campaigns to products sold, millions of dollars and hours are spent conducting primary research.

Yet, many of them do not have an adequate budget and in some cases no budget at all for the research of their most important investment, their employees. More importantly, many businesses gain a sense of false security by adopting poor background screening policies or hiring the wrong background screening firm that will provide them with substandard information.

United Screening Services Corporation can create a high-quality employee-screening package specifically designed for your company. Our employee background screening packages are designed to minimize the financial burden associated with employee turnover, theft, crime and drug use in the workplace.

Having good, reliable and honest employees working for your company ultimately means higher profits for the business owner. The information contained in our employee screening packages will assist business owners and department managers in hiring the best prospects available.

Background Check Companies

Residential Screening


Property owners face many challenges in maintaining their communities. Aside from the customary repairs due to wear and tear, owners are always faced with huge costs associated with 'bad residents' and continuous resident turnover.

United Screening Services Corporation can create a comprehensive resident screening program that can help your property reduce the potential of undesirable residents moving into your community. Our resident background screening packages are designed to lessen the possibility of criminal activity, resident turnover, skips and vandalism to your property.

The reductions of all these negative factors increase the desirability of your property. Desirable communities normally have less resident turnover and are less likely to spend their income on expensive promotions, which in turn leads to higher profits for the property owner.

Typically our resident screening packages more than pay for themselves when the avoided expenses related with 'bad residents' are factored into the final yearly figures.

Background Check Companies

Monthly Monitoring Service

While pre-employment screening is an effective tool to help reduce workplace violence, employee theft, and negligent hiring liability, it is just a snapshot in time.

How do you discover any misconduct of employees that may occur after the preliminary background check?

USS Crime Track is a highly advanced posthire screening solution that monitors enrolled employees on a continuous basis, alerting your team to new criminal record information as well as changes to existing records.

USS MVR Track provides ongoing preemptive monitoring of employee driving records limiting future risk exposure, decreasing negligent driver retention, and reducing administrative costs across the board.

USS Medi Track is a cutting-edge solution that monitors employees, subcontractors, contractors, and entities on a continuous basis, alerting your team to new additions to the medical exclusion and sanctions lists both on state and federal levels on a monthly basis.

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