Home Interviews Introduced To the South of England for Prospective Tenants

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Home Interviews Introduced To the South of England for Prospective Tenants

Being a landlord can be extremely rewarding and give you an extra income on properties that would otherwise be left unoccupied. One of the main concerns of landlords when they first start renting out their accommodation or switch tenants is what the new tenant is going to be like. A former landlord in the South of England hopes to give landlords peace of mind with pre-tenant checks to see how they are treating their current properties.

The outsource checking of tenants is a special new service allowing landlords to look further into their potential tenants in a way that delves further than their credit history. The new service hopes to give landlords the peace of mind they need by getting a more accurate picture of how the tenants are likely to treat their tenancy if approved. The service includes going out to view their current accommodation and finding out things such as whether or not the tenant has pets. It has been shown to be an issue where people state they do not have pets yet quickly move them into new accommodation despite it being against their agreement. It can even be ascertained whether or not the new tenant is likely to sub-let, which could leave landlords without any knowledge as to who is currently in their property.

The only way to previously look into a tenant before offering them a rental property is to go through previous landlord references, credit checks and possibly references from their employers. Although the current method gives some insight it is not conclusive and often does not uncover other things that could point to a tenant becoming troublesome in the future.

By delving in deeper into the current living situation of potential tenants it's easier for landlords to ascertain how well the tenants will behave and stick to the terms. The service includes a visit from one of the experienced agents who will go to the prospective tenant's current accommodation to interview them. They will create a report of the meeting and report back to the landlord which will allow them to see how truthful the potential tenant has been on their application.

The reason for setting up this service was down to a previous landlord who felt that the checks available were not substantial enough to give a full picture as to how potential tenants will treat the properties they are letting. With figures showing that around forty thousand tenants in the UK were evicted and the costs of property damage reaching £5.4 billion per year something needed to be done to give landlords more confidence when letting their properties.

Although the service is currently only available in the South of England it is expected to rise in popularity over coming years and be offered throughout the United Kingdom. Having more in depth checks before letting properties could save landlords thousands in court fees for evicting troublesome tenants and damages once they have left the property.

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