New Washington State Background Check Failure Reporting Law Raises Questions

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New Washington State Background Check Failure Reporting Law Raises Questions

It is reported that any felons or people who have lost their firearm ownership right will be reported to the police, should they make any attempt to buy a gun in Washington DC.

On Wednesday the Spokesman-Review reported that the bill that had been signed on Wednesday would request that gun dealers actively report anyone who does not pass a background check to the local law enforcement. Reported victims of domestic abuse are now allowed to request notification should their abuser fail this background check.

Not many people believed that the way of life envisioned in Michael Bloomberg's I-594 would actually have an effect on predators. The only thing it actually did was force gun owners who abide by the law to forego their private transfer and essentially create a new breed of criminal. In the new Substitute House Bill, which is the new reporting law has also brought about some questions, for example, the case of Haynes v U.S, the court held that it was not a requirement for a felon to have their gun registered as it was in contradiction of one's Fifth Amendment – protecting oneself against self-incrimination. The question is basically: is it okay to basically force someone to agree to a background check and in the same breath prosecute them should they fail same.

It is then asked, what happens in the event of false positives? According to Jon Lott the underlying issue is that the majority of most people's denial are usually false positives which could essentially be just the beginning. Generally, it can be said that if you aren't trusted with a gun, you can also not be trusted with custodian.Kukla, R.J. was of the opinion that releasing felons was identical to opening a cage of man-eating tigers and hoping nothing bad happens. This is evident that even with a restraining order felons aren't deterred fromstalking and attacking their former partners.

Regardless of all the above and the realities of gun control, it is unlikely that this will have the slightest effect on the movement for citizen disarmament. A question that should be raised regardless which is based on the wordingin the Spokesman's-Review report; "work on the bill represented coordination among the National Rifle Association, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, law enforcement organizations and victim's rights groups"; is what was included and or incorporated in this reporting bill that signals a green light for ensuring that there are no repercussions for Republican support in the legislature.

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