Fingerprinting Car Share Drivers

Fingerprinting Car Share Drivers

With traditional taxi’s the drivers have to undergo a barrage of tests to ensure they are safe to transport the public to and from their chosen destinations, however this is not the case for car share drivers such as Uber. Customers are put at ease by the company’s claims stating that all drivers have background checks before they can become a car share driver with them, however these checks do not include fingerprinting. This could mean that passengers are being transported by a driver that is yet to be caught for crimes that could make them a danger to the general public.

Due to the fact no fingerprinting takes place, sexual and violent criminal offenders have been able to drive for the companies. There have been numerous cases where drivers that don’t even hold insurance and registration to have passed. Background checks without fingerprinting could be putting the public in danger. This is why two ride share companies are completely banned in Austin and Texas. Uber did offer a settlement payment of 10 million dollars to cover allegations that they had misled their passengers by letting them think that the checks their drivers underwent were thoroughly inclusive. There’s a major concern for the safety of the public which is why numerous attorneys in America are speaking up for changes.

The NDAA did pass a resolution which recommended that all TNC drivers had fingerprint background checks as part and parcel of their testing before being employed. Although there has been no finalization or public release as of yet the full board has already passed the concept.

By getting fingerprint checks it’s a simple way that ride share companies are able to ensure customers are safe. This is the background check needed for people that work in a number of professions even brokers of real estate. As there has been a big increase in allegations and incidents involving drivers from ride share companies this step has to be the next one taken to keep the public safe.

Allegations and convictions include sexual harassment, rape, murder, manslaughter and even kidnapping. As a result there has been a campaign created called ‘who’s driving you?’ which lists all of the incidents involving rideshare drivers.

Uber is one company that has hired specialists to try to coerce them into keeping to the inferior checks currently in place. It is being plainly stated by both Uber and Lyft drivers should be subjected to fingerprint checks by law enforcement officials. Many lawmakers have acknowledged the ever rising reports of passengers that have been assaulted.

The draft resolution says that the NDAA are responsible for recommending the most effective ways to protect the public and emphasises that to bring them to gold standard fingerprint tests should also be included as standard. As fingerprinting is a standard procedure for a number of jobs where people work with the general public there is no reason why the ride share companies should not also comply as their drivers have access to vulnerable people too. For background screening contact United Screening.


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