Background Checks Catch Illegal Ride Share Drivers

Background Checks Catch Illegal Ride Share Drivers

As a result of expanded state background checks for companies using ride share including Lyft and Uber there has been an increase of illegal drivers caught. The new checks came into effect January and when the figures were released it showed that over 10% of the drivers were actually not fit to drive. The majority caught in the new checks were from ride-share companies where they had previously passed but were far from fit to drive a vehicle.

The new law meant that over 10,000 people were denied to drive for the ride share companies but this also meant that over 8,000 who had previously passed were now ineligible to. Over 1,600 were waiting for their licences being suspended, 51 were rejected on the grounds of previous sex offences and around the same amount got rejected due to prior violent crime offences.

There have been numerous criminal incidents that had taken place the two years prior to the enhanced checks coming into effect including two where passengers were at risk thinking they were travelling in a vehicle with someone they deemed professional and safe. The companies had received criticism for their fast checks that now would deem a huge amount of drivers unfit to work for a car share company. Thankfully with the new expanded law more members of the public can travel in safety.

There are still on-going fights to get further extensive measures including fingerprinting which is something that is not currently performed on those working for car share companies, although it is performed by employees of traditional taxi drivers.

People are extremely concerned that car share drivers are not tested as vigorously as those that have a taxi licence. The concern is that although the new law will stop many dangerous and risky drivers from transporting the general public, there are still parts that need further strengthening. This is to ensure that all drivers are credible.

Others still argue that although it’s good that more has been done to stop dangerous people from driving each case should be judged individually as in many cases the time has been spent for prior convictions. If reformed they feel that the drivers should still be able to work for a car share company without limitation.

The first step of the background check process is to perform multi state criminal and driving checks as well as sex offender checks. Any driver that does not meet the set standards should be disqualified. If a driver does pass the checks their names may still be sent to the DPU. So far out of 90,000 drivers over 10,000 were now rejected.

The next part of the testing is to check the information of the potential driver against the Cori in Massachusetts, driving records, warrant managements systems and the registry of motor vehicles. In this check violent felonies can be picked up as well as any serious driving offenses. This means that potential drivers that could pose a risk to the general public will not be given a licence to car share drive.

The administration is to keep the public safe and Gov. Charlie Baker is pleased that the first phase has been completed over 12 months prior to the initial release date. This is said to be thanks to the administration and transport companies collaborating to tighten rules. The regulations have to be codified by November 2017 to make them formal, although the first hearing is already scheduled for May. This gives the general public a chance to have their say in writing or in person.

Last September Mayor deMaria had a meeting with Uber and a different meeting with DPU commissioners. The meetings were arranged after two Uber drivers were arrested for sexual assault only last year. The call for also fingerprinting drivers could help to find criminals that have gone off the radar as well as solve any future crimes faster to improve the safety of the general public and faster prosecution to keep dangerous people off the streets and roads. For background screeningcontact United Screening.


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