Robinson Cano's positive test result is not surprising to his former teammate Mark Teixeira

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Robinson Cano's positive test result is not surprising to his former teammate Mark Teixeira

The revelation that Mark Teixeira made on Thursday’s Michael Kay Show was quite surprising.

A former slugger on Yankees indicated that he was not baffled about the suspension of Robinson Cano, a former teammate and a current second baseman for Mariners for breaching the Joint Drug and Treatment Program of the baseball’s Major League.

Teixeira stated that he had always known what was happening, but would not like to proceed with it.

Teixeira stated that he would not want to spill too much information, he loved Robbie but was not surprised and he would want to proceed further on the similar thing everyone was talking about. Cashman (the GM of Yankees) was caught in an interview a few days back but he was not surprised.

Cano, 35, has been suspended for 80 games on Tuesday after being tested positive for Furosemide, which was a diuretic used to hide the drugs for enhancing performance.

Although MLB did not declare that Cano's test came back positive for steroids, a failed test is usually considered a positive test in a masking agent.

Between 2009 and 2013, Teixeira and Cano were teammates.

Nelson Cruz, a current teammate of Cano at the Mariners, Alex Rodriguez, a former teammate and his friend Melky Cabrera were all suspended for their participation in the Biogenesis scandal which was popular in the league in 2012.

On Thursday, Teixeira stated that knowing who is doping is very common as it was their means of livelihood. They would begin to see guys at a young age, who they interact with and they would know as a ballplayer because they are aware that 50 percent of these guys popped but some can still be a little surprising.

An article released by in 2013 stated that MLB was searching for a link between biogenesis and Cano because the spokeswoman for Cano's foundation, Santa Cruz has been listed in a report to be a client of biogenesis. It was disclosed later that Cano has no involvement.

However, Teixeira is still not convinced that Cano was innocent.

He stated that considering the situation where the assistant of Robbie Cano has been listed for biogenesis, and having an assistant that makes purchases for him and since Melky Cabrera and Alex Rodriguez both got poped by biogenesis.

He continued that these people were his best friends and if anyone among their group gets lumped, it is because there is a smoke and a paper trail.

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