Man Rejected From FDNY for Being Fired Too Many Times Files Suit

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Man Rejected From FDNY for Being Fired Too Many Times Files Suit

Recently a man with supposed anger issues, who wanted to be a firefighter claims that the FDNY acted wrongfully when they disqualified him from possibly being a firefighter, all due to his history of being fired from "too" many times.

When 31 year old Gregory Sajous, passed the FDNY's firefighter exam, FDNY's Candidate Investigation Division department proceeded with a background check on Gregory Sajous's employment history. The result of their background check was that Mr Sajous had a negative employment history and then referred the results to their Personnel Review Board. The Board's results were that Gregory Sajous had been fired at least four times between 2010 and 2015, following this information received from the background check, he was disqualified from possibly becoming a firefighter. Following his disqualification Mr Sajous filed a lawsuit on Friday in the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Prior to the lawsuit, Mr Sajous has approached the New York City Civil Service Commission to appeal the disqualification, on March 10th, the Commission opted to agree with the FDNY's decision. During the appeal, it was determined that he has actually had 23 jobs in a 13-year period. During his employment it was found that he often had argued with his supervisors, used vulgar language when speaking to his supervisors; argued with several members of public; appropriating company property(vehicle) without getting authorization and he was always directed inappropriate behaviour to the members of public. This made him unfit to be part of FDNY.

When the city Law Department was asked they announced that they were in the process of reviewing Mr Sajous's complaint and respond adequately. Despite all this, Mr Sajous stuck to his belief that the officials had acted incorrectly by weighing his job loss from five years ago. He believed that since his job loss was from five years ago prior to the background check they were not relevant to his current applications. He did however, acknowledge that he has anger issues and had previously acted immature. He further argued that he his employment record and also his character has improved for the better. When he applied to the Personnel Review Board, he had included that he would be more than willing to take anger management classes in an attempt to better his character. He further concluded that other candidates had been accepted who had far worse backgrounds like felony convictions.

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