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  • Bank Verification
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • International Verifications
  • Military Records Verification
  • Rent Verification

Bank Verification

The Verification of Bank Account verifies banking references supplied by the applicant.  Our experienced researchers will attempt to verify Deposit Accounts and/or Outstanding Loans with the institution. Typical information obtained from the banking institution includes; account number, balance, and date opened.

Social Security Number Verification

This is a post hire search.  Social Security Number Verification verifies an employee’s name and social security number utilizing data obtained from the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS).

Department of Transportation (DOT) Verification

Employers that hire drivers are required to meet certain requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation.  Pursuant to 49 CFR Sections 382.405 (f), 382.413 and 382.401 (b); the current/new employer must request specific information about the employment history and drug testing.

Education Verification

The Verification of Education validates degrees, diplomas, certificates, and dates attended from universities, colleges, trade schools, and high schools.

Employment Verification

The Verification of Employment verifies employment data supplied by the applicant. Our experienced researchers will attempt to verify position, dates of employment, pay rates, performance, reason for departure, eligibility for rehire, and any other comments provided by the employer.

International Verifications

In addition to global access to criminal records, we have a network of resources for verifications (Bank / Education / Employment / References) worldwide.  The same structure utilized to obtain international criminal records is used to attain the most accurate verifications.  We have compiled a network of local researchers that are experienced and familiar with the laws, requirements, and customs for obtaining records in each country.

Military Records Verification

Military records are obtained directly from the National Personnel Records Center.  This Federal Agency maintains personnel records for all military services.

Rent Verification

The Verification of Rental verifies occupancy/landlord data supplied by the applicant.  Our experienced researchers will attempt to verify rent amount, occupancy dates, payment history, any notices and/or complaints filed, pets, eligible to rent again, NSF checks, and any other comments provided by the landlord.